The Journey


         When a young woman, a mother of four children is faced with the diagnosis of a terminal illness.

What she is facing and her journey to overcome the illness if possible. All that she must learn and has learned in the face of possible early death. The spiritual journey, the journey of the soul facing the path, all the healers she comes into contact with, the many different revelations she realizes in this overwhelming life changing experience.

Yasmeen Amina Olya a harpist, singer and visual artist, whose life up until a year ago was purely dedicated to her arts, living holistically and caring for her four children. Having received the diagnosis of cancer stage 3, she sets out across the world to find healing that is not offered at home. The primary hospital in Victoria B.C was offering an intensive chemotherapy that risked the use of her hands, as it could damage her nervous system. This was unfathmoable for this artist, musician and mother. She therefore sought alternative treatment first in Germany, reaching out to specialists and oncologists all over Europe to find the best possible solution. In Germany she underwent another staging, which unlike in Canada, meant a full investigative surgery under anethesia. Not being covered for medical in Germany or in Europe for that matter Yasmeen strived to raise the funds neccessary for treatment in Germany,, her travel and care. After the surgery Yasmeen was told that she should undergo a further surgery on the infected lymph nodes, the staging at which point six months after her initial diagnosis in Canada was still the same, stage 3 cancer, a tumor in her cervix that had spread into her lymph system. The german doctors warned against standard chemo and radiation being administered without surgery on the lymph system, as such a process risked the cancer further metastasizing. Sadly unable to raise the funds for the treatment in Germany Yasmeen had to go with the next best possible treatment in Italy to deal with the ongoing bleeding and her innability to urinate due to the size of the tumor. Traveling to Italy, she underwent standard chemotherapy and radiation and had a catheter installed in order to pass urine, this protocol succeeded in reducing the size of the tumor, however just as the German doctors had predicted the cancer metastasized further and this time into her hip bones. With this news, the cancer having advanced to stage 4, the doctors did not recommend any further treatment with standard medicine.

 Yasmeen then searched alternative protocols for cancer patients in Europe as a whole, and found that there is cell reversal therapies available for late stage cancer patients. She found a doctor performing this therapy and began to follow his protocol. With the help of many people collectively assisting her healing journey. Thankfully and amazingly through this treatment her energy has returned, the catheter was removed and she is able to pass urine naturally, she is currently continueing to follow this protocol, While further researching every other possibility. She is considering doing CSM cell replacement therapy.

In Italy she selected the best possible oncologist who is also an anthroposophical doctor. Thereby assuring that her treatments be as well balanced as humanly possible with her natural protocol.

 Recently Yasmeen journeyed to Morocco to see her children, whom have been living with family waiting for their Mama to get better. On the advice of her doctors recommendation that she visit her children with the energy she currently has between treatments, she flew to Morocco after having organized an oncologist and nursing there in Fez. While in Fez she has undergone another MRI and is looking into what the private specialized oncologists of Morocco might be able to do for her. She has further treatments scheduled to continue her cell reversal protocol in Italy and is returning for further treatment in 2-3 weeks. The MRI was reviewed and Yasmeen has received incredible news, the 6 centimeter tumor in her cervix has disappeared, this means the cell reversal treatments are working, the bone cancer, lymph cancer and liver cancer plus other parts T1T2 are still in need of treatment, Yasmeen had not found a trustworthy oncologist in Morocco and must return to Italy and is imperative that she raise at least 20,000 of the overall 50,000 needed for the next series of these treatments. The first deposit is only 5-6000 euro approximately. 

Indeed at this crucial point in her therapies Yasmeen continues to need as much financial support as possible to realize her treatments and life cost while she undergoes her healing. 

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Through out her travels, seeking standard and alternative treatment she has learned a lot. In Canada, in Germany and in Italy in France she has been actively researching and in touch with numerous oncologists, for multiple opinion break downs of her stages and experiences, even researching other clinics, hospitals, procedures around the world. Yasmeen has also sought out natural protocols for healing, including homeopathy and anthroposophical medicine, as well as many other alternative resources, particularly alternative healing practitioners. In the following pages of this blog, Yasmeen goes into detail concerning her diet protocol, her different experiences with healers, her emotional and spiritual learning on the path, and hopes that by sharing her experiences she might be of help to others suffering as she is, to give them hope and strength on the journey.

With this account of Yasmeen's recent experiences, we have explained this woman's indomitable spirit to find healing, to persue healing, to persue her life against all odds. Yasmeen has been homeless and in between centers of treatment for the past year and 4 months since her initial diagnosis. Living in temporary housing between treatments, with her mother at her side. *Her mother is without funds, and older, committed simply to the care of her daughter as she struggles to find healing, Yasmeens family cannot support her. Please assist Yasmeen if you can by donating to her cause. Yasmeen is highly courageous, strong and resilient, her spirit strong. She prays that with her continued efforts to raise funds for her treatments, to continue researching and persuing healing can be an example of courage and spirit for others in the same place. It is possible to realize the journey itself by asking for help if we need it. It is possible to travel and seek alternative solutions if what is available risks your life. It is possible to see a greater more brilliant future, where we have been able to fully heal, where we can truly believe in our own strength, our own resilience, our own brilliance despite cancer. 

Remain strong, remain positive, live in Love.


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