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Hope Springs

The Journey

           When a young woman, a mother of four children is faced with the diagnosis of a terminal illness. What she is facing and her journey to overcome the illness if possible. All that she must learn and has learned in the face of possible early death. The spiritual journey, the journey of the soul facing the path, all the healers she comes into contact with, the many different revelations she realizes in this overwhelming life changing experience. Yasmeen Amina Olya a harpist, singer and visual artist, whose life up until a year ago was purely dedicated to her arts, living holistically and caring for her four children. Having received the diagnosis of cancer stage 3, she sets out across the world to find healing that is not offered at home. The primary hospital in Victoria B.C was offering an intensive chemotherapy that risked the use of her hands, as it could damage her nervous system. This was unfathmoable for this artist, musician and mother. She therefore sought alternative tr

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