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Hope Springs

The Journey

      Yasmeen Amina Olya a harpist, singer and visual artist, whose life has been dedicated to her arts, living holistically and caring for her children, received the diagnosis of cancer in September 2021, Yasmeen set out to try to find alternative solutions for her illness. After much research and travel, Yasmeen has found healing that is supportive to her and has had a measurable impact, she needs as much financial support as possible to realize her treatments. Please donate if you can Here  Yasmeen is highly courageous, strong and resilient, her spirit strong. She prays that by continuing to persue healing she might be an example of courage and spirit for others in the same place. It is possible to realize the journey itself by asking for help if we need it. It is possible to travel and seek alternative solutions. It is possible to envision a greater more brilliant future, where we can truly believe in our own strength, our own resilience despite all illness. Remain strong, remain p

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