My Protocol


Here is an overview of the cell targeting, cell reversal therapies, the natural treatments I am undergoing and the beautiful foods I am able to eat. I also speak to the heavy opioids I must take for pain management, and the reality of my living experience now day to day.

Currently my alternative naturel, and cell reversal                                                                                                                    are working at helping my body become strongers. And have successfully managed to decrease the size of my tumor, they have also been able to remove my catheter, I can now urinate without it. I am stronger than before, my energy levels have gone up substantially. I am so incredibly grateful, my life has changed when I thougbt it was only getting worse.

The primary cell reversal work I am doing is with DR. Bavia in Italy,  your acid in your body, water content, electromagnetic scanning. Special medicines all diffent highly studied alkalizing products I take internally sometimes 60 x a ji;dI I then do a lot of breathing techniques and I have to take certain supplements and injections. 


God knows best Tisotumab vedotin-tftv (Tivdak)

Bevacizumab (Avastin®)

There is also the potential to work with individualized CSC’s stem cell therapy for my particular cancer and my doctors are investigating this therapy as a possibility. 

I have already done a series of: 

Immunotherapy Pembrolizumab

Natural protocols are : hyperthermia machin                   e, mistletoe injections, aurum injections, vitamin C injections, baths, massage, acupuncture, Ayurvedic medicine. 

Goldenseal root poultice for inflammation of my lymph nodes and comfrey poultice for bone cancer. 

Helpful compresses for inflammation are: turmeric, and essential oil of frankincense myrrh and eucalyptus. 

For the tumor itself: 

1) 1 heaping handful of fresh red clover blossoms

2) 1/2 a handful of fresh chaparral leaf

3) 1/4 cup of fresh, grated poke root

4) 2 tablespoons of goldenseal root powder (expensive stuff!)

5) 2 tablespoons of activated willow charcoal

6) 1 teaspoon tea tree oil

7) 1 teaspoon of bloodroot tincture

8) 1 cup Bentonite clay

9) 1 cup slippery elm inner bark

10) 12 large garlic cloves 

Blend the above ingredients in a blender, then add the following to make a paste:

1/2 quart apple cider vinegar

1/2 quart distilled water

Saffron tea, 

and hypericum oils,  rose oil, and arnica for massage 

Dessert Rose Bach flower remedy. 

Black Shilajite. 


Graviola Kapseln


Diet protocol : 

Water fast for as long as I can manage. 

Onion juice the morning and evening 

Equal parts : one spoon each: 

Black seed, black seed oil, turmeric, ginger, honey.

Smoothie, cucumber, avocado, blueberry and oat milk. 

One half cabbage per day. 

Diet includes all orange, red, vegetables, squash, carrot, beet, sweet potato to name a few. 

Dark leafy vegetables except broccoli family. 

Ancient graines 

Olive oil, 


Fruits lemon, apple, pear, melons, pineapple, mango, all berries 

Nuts seeds, dried fruits, dates, figs raisins prunes.

Very little meats : once per week. 

Some white fatty fish 



No dairy 

No sugar 

No caffeine except green tea. 

Deep breathing techniques. Deep diaphragm breathing helps release natural lymphatic drainage, and counteracts cancer. Deeply breath in to diaphragm for a count of 7 seconds hold for 7 and breath out for 7. Do this as often as you can during the day or night lying flat on your back. 

Lymphatic drainage massage. ( if you have a heart condition or renal disease, problems with kidneys or liver it is better to have a professional do this) Work first on the lymph system that is not effected by the cancer. If you can, then start on your lower calves gently stroking and cupping upwards, your upper thighs, between the legs towards the groin. Then gently massage the sides of your neck, your inner shoulders, your arm pits with stroking and cupping motions, your chest drawing out from the connective tissues ligaments and bones in the center of your chest, drawing fingers between the chest bones. Work gently on the sides of your upper chest body, gently tap just below your armpits. Work on your solar plexus gently massaging in a circular motion. My lymph problem is located in my groin area, and legs and abdomen, after having activated the rest of my lymph system I gentle massage in my groin, inner legs, and lower abdomen areas where it is inflamed and swollen, pulling up toward my abdomen, then gently from bottom up across my abdomen, I work in figure eight formation through the inflamed tissues then pulling up. Eventually this massage drains my lymph inflammation. Although my lymph nodes remain hard and swollen. 

Movement and Meditation 

I do basic Chi Gong exercises: 

Sitting on the edge of my bed I stamp my feet 7 times( there are seven primary planets in our solar system, seven chakras, seven heavens, seven is the number the holy books are based off of, 7 is a holy number). 

Placing your hands approximately 7 inches apart, with palms open to one another as though you are holding an invisible ball, envision solar energy gathering in the space between. Gently move your hands apart and closer together, very slowly only an inch or two of movement, envisioning the ball growing in density and mass. You will feel the Chi energy growing stronger. Once it is very strong you then move the ball of energy into your body where your body needs healing. 

Further chi gong that I can do is limited because I cannot move with my hips. To go into in depth descriptions is too difficult.

I do Chi Gong mind meditation, mind upon heart upon body emotion energy. Envisioning solar and earth energy combining within the chakras and compassionately holding your pain, emotional and physical in the all knowing all Compassionate love within us all, essentially comprises the meditation, although it is far more in-depth . For those interested I follow the Chi Gong teacher Mingtong Gu. 

Eurythmy, I am working with the gentle movements of the Alleluia, and Sunset ~ Sunrise b, and L in walking movements as I can. Madonna exercises, and O. Invigorating the home energies, to be well on earth. 

Cantharis homeopathy and Melissa and arnica tincture for healing and severe shock. 

I continue my Islamic prayers, most of them seated, or even in my mind depending on how sick I am. 

For pain: 

Cancer pain is unlike any other pain. I am taking oral opioids in the form of dopalgos which is a mix of the opioid oxycodon and the normal pain killer paracetamol. I also have patches of long release opioid Buprenorfina. To cover my pain I need 235-250mg of opioid per day. I also take Lyrica or pregabalin 100 mg per day. I also take Toradol 30 drops up to 3 times per day depending on my need. I also take oral morphine in liquid form when the pain is too high. To protect my stomach I take Pantaprozolo 2-3 times a day. 

I also have patches on the areas of severe pain, inflammed lymph nodes and where the bone cancer is most severe causing inflammation in the tissue: Lidocaine Versatis 700 mg medicated gel patches. 

When taking this much opioid the greatest side effect is the consequences to your stools which become rock hard. So I take natural stool softeners, eat a lot of raisins, figs and dried prunes. 

My pain is overwhelmingly the worst part of my cancer experience. 

But other issues are: 

Due to the radiation and chemotherapy I underwent for my particular cancer, my uterus died, and so I have menopausal symptoms, hot flashes and sweating uncontrollably, difficulty sleeping and so forth. 

My reproductive organs have deteriorated/ closed/ died completely due to the chemo and radiation but of course primarily due to the tumor, the cancer itself.

My walking is very limited I limp extremely my weight on the left. The cancer is in three places in my hip bones, the right hip more advanced than the left. My knees are very weak. 

My pubic mound is painfully swollen most of the time, and the surrounding lymph nodes also. 

By following my natural protocols I feel strengthened, breathing exercises and gentle movement, sitting in the sunshine lift my mood. Sleeping as much as I need to, loving myself unconditionally through it all is so important. Finally making sure that your environment is peaceful and loving is so very important. When you are as sick as I am you no longer have the time or energy to deal with heated conversation etc. The best hospital is where peace reigns supreme and doctors and nurses can work unimpeded by argument or other such issues. God willing I can heal and if not I pray to have tried my hardest to do so, and continued to give back as I can over the months I had left on this earth. 

Please donate if you can to help me heal. 

The first thing to note about these many protocols that people have and are always sharing with us cancer patients as advice is, trying to give me some help,... But the truth is that to understand the protocol, you must first understand the Cancer patient, you must understand all his personal issues, his physiological issues before you start adding anything to their lives. And of course it is best to go over these protocols with a physician that is also working in holistic remedies. 

 Doctors in Italy are for not against all alternative practice.

So once you know as you have listened to their often very painful story, and heard what they can eat. Often cancer patients may barely be able to eat anything, or be throwing up most of the time. So be gentle in investigating and then ask them if they have ever heard of the protocol you are suggesting. You might find they are already know of it. Then yes you can ask if they take this medicine or not, and if they might be interested in taking it. And ultimately if you might help them get it. Cancer therapies, cancer medications, etc etc, cost so much money. and they may or may not have the energy to organize access to it and order it for themselves or might have difficulty remembering what order to take it in. Currently I am fighting with a falling asleep issue, I may be stting and I  fall uncontrollably every 5 min and wake back up every 5 min or 10 to 30 sonetunes an hour. It does not effect me all the time but it does sometimes and it is incredibly overpowering and frustrating as it most often occurs when I want to write or read on the computer. The reason for this is the opioids I have to take for my pain management.

 THere have been so many changes to my body, my being since I received the therapy itself. I am actually going through menopause right now, which can have myriad symptoms, hot flashes, unable to sleep, pain a complete change in temperament, due to the lack of hormones, I have no ovaries or uterus not because they were removed but because they died in me due to the chemotherapy.



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